So You're Thinking About Buying a Modular Home...

Many people confuse modular homes with manufactured (mobile HUD) homes. Unfortunately, these people are misinformed - they think a modular home is a one-size-fits-all, boxy constructed home made of low-end materials and generic products. The biggest misconception is that you can only build what is in the brochure. The ability to fully customize and the quality of the materials is just a few of the many distinctions between modular and manufactured homes.

Modular homes are like the hybrid car of the house-building industry. They save money, they save time, and they make sense. Modular homes are in many ways superior to stick-built homes and once assembled, cannot be distinguished from their traditionally-built counterpart.

There is nothing you cannot do with a modular home. Anything you want, you can have. Modular homes today can be built to any specification and any size. From a simple split-level ranch, to a grand 3-bath, 3000+ square-foot two story, we have it covered. Any amenity one can think of can be included; from the luxury whirlpool bath in the master suite, to granite countertops in the kitchen; from vinyl siding on the exterior to the rustic log cabin wood siding.

If you can dream it, we can build it.

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